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Increased Community Support

27 July 2020 |Community

Increased Community Support

27 July 2020 |Community
AWA Alliance Bank has provided an additional $290,000 contribution to its philanthropic partners.

The contribution will provide immediate short term relief to philanthropic organisations already stretched because of COVID-19.

Bill Mithen, CEO of the Give Where You Live Foundation, reminds us, "Now is not the time to walk away from our values and our messages, it's a time to double-down on them".

There are many people within our communities that are experiencing hardship. As a result charitable organisations are struggling to meet demand. AWA Alliance Bank is doing its part to help through its $290,000 contribution .

AWA CEO, Graeme Scannell commented, "While these funds provide short term relief, we recognise there is a greater need to support each other to rebuild our communities".

This health crisis presents many significant challenges.

"At a certain point, you need to walk the talk," say Scannell. "We will look back on this moment in history and measure people and businesses not by their words but rather by their actions."

Alliance Banks have always been there for their communities and will continue to be. Our message remains - who you bank with matters. Banking with a social enterprise means you're making a difference.

Alliance Banks invest their profits to benefit their members and communities.

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