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2019 Do Good Annual

3 April 2020 |Feature
Sian and Jorgia, lifesavers at Ocean Grove Life Saving Club

2019 Do Good Annual

3 April 2020 |Feature
In just four years we've invested more than $5M through our Do Good Fund into community infrastructure projects, health and education. In addition to that we support communities through volunteering, social impact programs, grants and more.

We're not just a bank, we aim to make a difference. Take a look.

Download the 2019 Do Good Annual here.


2019 Do Good Annual Cover image
2019 Do Good Annual


Our social impact through the Do Good Fund, community investment and volunteering during business hour was $6,790,946.

Specifically, our Community Investment over the past 12 months was $978,946, this includes community programs, micro-financing, fundraising, donations, sponsorship, environmental initiatives and volunteering.

We've worked with 96 Community Partners.

We clocked up 9,757 Volunteering Hours in 2019. Add this to last year and our volunteering hours have grown to 17,718 hours, that's an average of 127 hours per team member.

Through the Red Cross Red 25 program we've saved 90 lives.

The Do Good Awards, now in their third year, acknowledge the amazing efforts of some extraordinary people. This year's winners were:

Rebecca Picone - Founder and CEO of the Peace of Mind Foundation supporting people and their families while they are experiencing brain cancer.

Gerry Gillespie - an eco-warrior who has dedicated his life to organic resource recovery.

Dr Alicia Kennedy - who provides social veterinary services to the elderly, the disabled, those with mental health challenges, the homeless community and people experiencing family violence.

Scullin Community Group - for establishing a successful social democracy model that has revitalised their community.

Despite the many challenges we have all faced over the past few months we will continue to work hard in our communities through 2020.

Download the 2019 Do Good Annual here.


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