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We're a social enterprise

20 March 2020 |Feature

We're a social enterprise

20 March 2020 |Feature
As a social enterprise we invest in shared value outcomes to benefit our members, our communities and our business. Our mission is to support our communities when and where they need it and do everything we can to have a long term, positive societal impact.

Can a Bank Do Good?
Yes, who you bank with matters.

We are a social enterprise and our profits are invested in delivering positive social good within our communities. This means your money is going to work every day to ensure you and your community prosper.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Quite simply, they are businesses that trade for profit and have social goals.

How do we Support our Communities?

By investing our profits, resources and time into local social issues that matter. Supporting our communities is at the heart of our business strategy, it’s the reason we come to work every day. Our team walk the talk too, clocking up 9,757 hours of volunteering in the last 12 months, that’s more than 70 hours per team member.

Do Good Fund

When you bank with us, this is what happens.

We’ve committed $5,812,000 over four years to local sporting groups, health care, youth education, apprentices and social enterprise entrepreneurs. We do this either through grants or our social impact loan program where the terms of the loan, its longevity and repayments are designed to deliver shared value for the beneficiary, the community and us. This way everyone wins: we grow and the community grows.

This short video explains.

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Michael Storm
Alliance Banks are social enterprises

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