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Team Award Finalists

7 December 2020 |Community

Team Award Finalists

7 December 2020 |Community
All of the Team Award Finalists have come to the aid of their community when they recognise a need that must be filled. They have stepped up and reached out. Without these passionate and resourceful people our communities would be far poorer. They are in deed special people and deserve to be acknowledged. These are their stories.

Canberra Trampoline and Gymnastics Club
Canberra Trampoline and Gymnastics Club

Following the only club in the ACT that provided a full competitive trampoline program deciding to shift focus, Vivienne Watts and Jack Ratz decided that trampoline gymnastics athletes and those new to the sport needed a supportive and fun environment to continue to train and be involved. They, in turn, started the Canberra Trampoline Gymnastics Club.

The Club’s purpose is to provide trampoline gymnasts, many at elite level, to continue to build their skills and to introduce the sport to young people.

Watching them progress, learn new skills, qualify for competitions and turn up every day to training with a smile on their face is why I do this job and why I love this job’, says Vivienne Watts, Club Manager and Senior Coach.

Without the Club athletes who dedicate so much time and effort to being the best they can be wouldn’t have the opportunity to compete at a high level. They have also introduced the sport to countless young people who love the freedom to bounce, learn new skills and make lasting friendships.

The community they have built around the trampoline program is extraordinary.


Since 1955 the Mittagong RSL has a history of supporting the communities it serves.
This was never more evident than during last year’s catastrophic bushfires. They provided thousands of free meals to fire fighters who were working 24/7 to protect the Southern Highlands community and they became an evacuation point providing a temporary shelter to hundreds of residents and their pets, including horses, dogs, parrots, even a pet snake. During this time they provided 6985 free meals to members of the Rural Fire Service, 592 free meals over four days to the community and accommodation for more than 1000 evacuees, including 748 on the night when the fire was at its worst.

They continued their community service during the Club’s 10-week shutdown in March 2020. A team of staff were mobilised to conduct welfare calls to over 3,500 elderly members most at risk during the pandemic outbreak. Employees shopped, moved furniture, hung blinds and cooked meals.

We are delighted that through the many challenges our community has faced over the last 18 months, we are able to continue our service to the Southern Highlands, said Craig Madsen, General Manager Mittagong RSL.

The team at Mittagong RSL during the bushfire disaster
Mittagong RSL

Jo Buckingham and Melissa Histon

Got Your Back Sista is a charitable arm of The Sista Code movement and works with women and their children experiencing domestic violence - many are at risk of living below the poverty line. The charity provides a pathway from refuge accommodation to sustainable independent housing and employment.

In addition, the charity aims to provide women with the tools to regain their confidence and the skills they need to be happy and gain employment through workshops, mentoring, re-skilling and employment opportunities.

Kristy, a young mother of two attended the program for twelve months and said,

Coming here has changed my life - thank you.

They run a 6-week self defence program to help women feel mentally and physically stronger, and weekly workshops that covers topics such as compassion, kindness to self and others, self-worth, goal setting and more.

Kelly Stirton and Philip Brown are a power house duo and part of the Capital Football family. Together they are instrumental in developing pathway programs that provide athletes with a physical or intellectual disability the ability to participate in football. Philip is the CEO of Capital Football and United Canberra. Kelly is the Head Coach for the Canberra United All Ability Academy and the Canberra United Powerchair team. 

They are advocates for inclusion-based sporting programs; giving people the opportunity to be part of a team and the drive to succeed.

To be able to provide pathways and opportunities to athletes with a disability is one of the best feelings you can have, says Kelly.

Through their energy and enthusiasm, they are enabling people with disabilities to achieve greatness and bringing life changing joy to everyone involved.

Philip Brown and Kelly Stirton and the team

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