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2020 Winners

1 February 2021 |Feature
2020 Do Good Awards

2020 Winners

1 February 2021 |Feature
This past year has been like no other. Together we watched Australia burn and faced into a global pandemic but despite the unfolding tragedy we stood together, buoyed by community, bravery and generosity.

The winners in the 2020 Do Good Awards embody this spirit. They are unwavering in their belief  that everyone deserves the right to live the best life they can and have dedicated their lives to making this happen.

Do Good Outstanding Achievement Award - Liam Foldi and Kenshi Candles

Kenshi Candles is a social enterprise that has raised over $75,000 directly funding projects in Australia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar. 

The enterprise is focused on enabling people who want to make a real difference helping others through the power of their purchase decision.

Firmly established and successful, Kenshi is collaborating with the Chin refugee community from Myanmar to produce the candles. Faced with persecution the Chin people fled their homes, eventually being granted refugee status in Australia. The production of the candles provides members of the community with much needed income.

All the candles are hand poured in Melbourne and made with the highest-grade natural soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks. The full process from pouring to packaging done in-house by hand.

Kenshi Candles was started by Liam Foldi when he was sixteen. For him,

'Winning this Award is fantastic as it enables us to provide more candles and raise more funds to support the Chin community. The $1,000 can actually purchase 500kg of rice in Myanmar! That's enough to supply a small village of 40 people for six months.'

Check out their wonderful candles.

Andy Smith, Liam Foldi and the Kenshi Candle Team

Collin Peebles from the Geelong Food Relief Centre
Collin Peebles from the Geelong Food Relief Centre

Do Good Community Award - Collin Peebles and the Geelong Food Relief Centre

Collin Peebles is the CEO of the Geelong Food Relief Centre, a not-for-profit Food Bank that provides emergency food relief to around 37,000 people in the region. The organisation is supported by 90 volunteers and partners with a range of welfare agencies.

A bulk distribution service also supports the needs of over 40 welfare agencies in the region.

Collin currently oversees two centres and is in the process of securing a much larger premises. The new Geelong Emergency Food Hub is due to open early this year.

The centre also works with welfare officers at schools and early learning centres to provide emergency food hampers and vouchers to families in need. Each year around 7,000kg of food is distributed in this way.

In addition, they run a school breakfast program and invite school groups to visit the centre to learn about food security issues. During these visits the children are involved in cooking programs where produce from the centre is made into meals and offered to clients using the centre.

The bushfires of last summer and the COVID pandemic has placed greater demand on the Food Bank so Collin personally delivered food hampers to people in isolation as far away as Colac. It is expected Collin and his team will have supported approx. 50,000 people by years end.

Find out more.

Do Good Social Purpose Business Award - Technology for Ageing and Disability ACT (TADACT)

Based on the belief that everyone has the right to live their best life, Technology for Ageing and Disability ACT (TADACT), aims to improve the lives of their clients and carers by designing and customising assistive equipment that is not available commercially or, requires modification to better suit a person’s needs.

This small not-for-profit organisation, has been operating for more than 40 years and assists around 400 families each year in the Canberra region. Manned by 60 volunteers whose skills range from engineering to sewing, four part-time staff and an occupational therapist are making an enormous difference to people’s lives.

TADACT provides assistive equipment to hospitals, schools, therapy providers, individual clients and provides products and services through My Aged Care.

Board member Graham Waite, explains the importance of the award win for TADACT.

The funds will help us in our ongoing existence, maybe some material and tools we might need....

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Graham Waite explains what winning the Do Good Social Purpose Business Awards means for Technology for Ageing and Disability

Rosalie Taggart, Yvonne Armstrong, Jo Buckingham and Melissa Histon

Do Good Team Award - Got Your Back Sista

Got Your Back Sista is a charitable arm of The Sista Code movement. The charity works with women and their children experiencing domestic violence - many are at risk of living below the poverty line. The aim is to provide a pathway from refuge accommodation to sustainable independent housing and employment.

The team is led by founder, Mel Histon and provides women with tools to regain their confidence and the skills they need to be happy and gain employment through a range of programs delivered by Jo Buckingham. They include:

  • Stand Tall, a 6-week self defence program to help women feel mentally and physically stronger.
  • The Begin Again Program which provides new whitegoods, furniture and homewares so that women can more easily create a new home for their families.
  • Rise Up and Thrive assists women to regain their confidence and the skills they need to be happy again.
  • Health and Well-being is a blended program that combines self-defence and empowerment to improve physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Skills for Work, in partnership with other providers, offers skills training in retail and administration to enable women to re-enter the workforce.
  • Love Bites is a youth focused healthy relationships and domestic violence prevention program.

Got Your Back Sista has a powerful message and is determined to make a difference.

Kristy, a young mother of two attended the program for twelve months and said, ‘Coming here has changed my life - thank you.’

Find out more.

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